Buddhaanjali Foundation

Buddhaanjali  foundation is an  Indian nonprofit based organization . We work with the life saving programmes for the youth generation through prevention & awareness of incurable diseases or running many projects. Buddhaanjali is leveraging the power of social media and technology, changing what it means to live with a chronic disease. By educating the global community about this autoimmune disease as well as providing resources and supporting those living with Type 1 diabetes and Cancer, and many more projects Buddhaanjali is bridging the gap from diagnosis to cure empowering people to live well today and funding better tomorrow.  Now a day’s Buddhaanjali face new challenges in the form of Diabetes or type 1 diabetes in children and childhood Cancer.

Become A Volunteer

Fill this form and mail on volunteer@buddhaanjali.com

are best

Childhood cancer awareness/Health camp

Donate blanket or cloths, save a life

Donate Educational kits for children

Provide food to the hungry people

Kanyadaan (helps for girls marrriage)

Women Empowerment Power

Prevention of diabetes

Feed The Hungry
We encourage people to contribute by making a small in-kind donation as we feel contribution towards this cause not only gives them immense satisfaction but it also connects them with Indian culture where donating food, clothes & water is termed to be a very noble gesture. . Our approach is rooted in years of on-the-ground experience, driven by a careful methodology and powered by a deep passion to improve the lives of children and give them a chance to grow up in a family.
1500000+Children life improved
5000+Successful Events
4500+Empowerd womens


What our customers says?

We have over 15,000 happy customers in world

“It gives me immense pleasare to share my thoghts about buddhaanjali foundation .gt works with underprivileged Children who were of basic needs like education, Helthcare and nutrition, its a relestic
NGO. In shorts buddaanjali has done tremendous works for ubliftment of poor needy people ”
D.P. Singh
”Buddhaanjali foundation is one of the leading Ngo in india and we are very proud to work with this ngo is helping me Underprivileged Children and give them a better like Considering children as the future of the country …. Great going .. Wish you best of luck… Buddhaanjali ”
Ashwini Goel
” its a great time to work with buddhaanjali foundation we are very lucky that we can help poor children to save their life for thos who are Criticaley ill we prey to god that buddhanjali foundation rid at top of ngo sactor”
Urvashi Raghuvanshi
“In the journey with buddhanjali foundation, i have actully seen desires been Converted into reality .its a great privileged to be a part of buddhaanjali, the bord work oreales a great infruenes on society and changing minds of people for a brighter futuer of the needy childrens and poor peoples … Good luck buddhaanjali “
Raghav Thakur
“We thank the buddhaanjali foundation for creating this wonderful plateform that we cloud trust, to provide scholership s to the bright young and needy childrens. We are very impressed with the process of distribustion phices, incouregement or motivation activity.”
Ashi Sharma
“I strongly believe that education is right way to spread and solution and sustion democrasy . Buddhaanjali is doing good job by feeding nutritious food to hungry people in india .”
Pallavi Joshi