About Buddhaanjali Foundation

We want to give an opportunity to help the needy people or poor children and youths in India to have a good life in their future. We also want to reduce the poverty and free from chronic diseases in their families and in their communities. These aims should primarily be accomplished through education and creating awareness programmed. We also plays a major role in the lives of childhood cancer or type 1 diabetes, providing much needed emotional and physical support and advocacy throughout their childhoods and into young adulthood. And working on behalf of the underprivileged children and women in India. We believe in teamwork and cooperation.


We at Buddhaanjali aim to help create an India free from poverty, one in which everyone has access to affordable education, health care, and livelihood opportunities and to encourage Needy people.


Buddhaanjali’s core values are aligned to catalyze social and economic change for the most underserved communities in India to help individuals realize their full potential.